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Building Energy Management and Building Automation System Monitoring

Building Automation System For Commercial

Trinity Energy Innovations Inc recommends using a combination of ON and OFF site Hardware and Software to monitor the operation of the facility. With the Building Automation System, an alarm initiation for abnormal conditions in mechanical and/or electrical equipment shall be sent to the local station and an e-mail notification sent to a remote 24 hour monitoring service that Trinity Energy Innovations Inc. offers as part of Building Energy Management Services. Once the issue has been identified and diagnosed, Trinity’s Technicians will convey it to on duty superintendants, managers, and /or contractors in order to take necessary actions for the resolution of the issue. The early diagnosis of above mentioned issues will guaranty a better comfort control for the residents/users and avoid escalation of the initial issue.

Benefits allied with a 24/7 Monitored System

  • Skilled and knowledgeable Building Operators to remotely Monitor, Operate and Optimize the Building Energy Management System on a Daily Basis.
  • In the instance of equipment failure a 24 hour a day System Monitoring will allow an immediate remedial action to be started.
  • 24 / 7 Critical Systems Protection through our Control Centre
  • Daily Checks and Maintenance Required Alarms reported to your office during Business Hours.
  • On-Request Fax, Mail or E-Mail of Equipment Status Trends and Reports.
  • By remotely operating equipment, after hours service calls can be reduced.
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance to ensure that system components and operation is verified with onsite service.
  • All major Equipment is monitored with feedback to ensure that what is being operated is, in fact, operating as commanded.


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