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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection and Monitoring Alarm Systems for Your Underground Parking Garage.

Underground Parking Garage

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Currently representing German Engineered MSR ELECTRONIC Gas Alarm Systems equipment with 25 years of experience and success. Trinity has already completed over 50 turn-key solutions for Condominiums and Commercial Properties within the Greater Toronto Area.

Incentives from OPA saveOnenergy program are available for this Energy Conservation Measure as continuous running of exhaust fans would not be required which would generate considerate amounts of energy savings.

Trinity Energy Innovations Inc. provides a COMPLETE turn-key solution

Supply, Install, Commissioning/Calibration and Incentive Procurement

For a recently done project at Henley Gardens 1091 Kingston Rd, Scarborough,  $9,423 incentive amount was procured from saveOnenergy program.

SystemExisting ConsumptionsProjected ConsumptionsEstimated Annual SavingsIncentive
1 Controller 24 Sensors93,461 kWh7,788 kWh85,672 kWhProcurement
1 Controller 24 Sensors$11,215.31$934.61$10,280.70 $9,423

It is essential to Monitor and Detect Carbon Monoxide (CO) and control toxic gases from reaching unhealthy levels.In underground car parking garages gas concentrations of Carbon monoxide (CO) can build to harmful levels. Gas levels of around 800 ppm will begin to cause headaches as concentrations continue to rise, death can occur within half hour of continuous exposure.

According to Ontario’s Building Code, if a CO Monitoring System is not installed within a parking garage, the garage exhaust fans require nonstop operation 24 hours a day, for “continuous supply of outdoor air”. It is also a violation of the code to have fans setup on a cycle or to shut them off at any time as:

Section 6 of the Ontario Buidling Code States:

(1) storage garage shall have a mechanical ventilation system designed to:
(a) limit the concentration of carbon monoxide to not more than 100 parts per million of air when measured between 900 mm and 1800 mm from the floor.
(b) provide, during operating hours, a continuous supply of outdoor air at a rate of not less than 3.9 L/s for each square metre of floor area.

(2) mechanical ventilation systems provided in accordance with Clause (1)(a) shall be controlled automatically by carbon monoxide monitoring devices.

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