Domestic Water Pressure Booster Pumps Retrofit by Trinity Energy Innovation

Existing domestic water pressure booster pump station was outdated and inefficient. The water pressure to the condominium building was also reported inadequate due to a lack of extra capacity on the existing system to compensate the pressure drop caused by the installation of a new back-flow preventing device.

Trinity Energy recommended a high efficiency vertical in line Domestic Water Pressure Booster Pumps System controlled with Variable Speed Drives (VFD). This arrangement of high efficiency multistage pumps combined with modern variable speed drives represents the solution with the lowest operating costs possible.

Proposed Domestic Water Pressure Booster Pump System was capable of delivering the adequate flow and pressures for the building’s demands.

Incentives and Savings

This project qualified for Ontario Power Authority SaveOnEnergy program incentive. The procurement of the incentive on behalf of the client was complimentary carried by Trinity Energy Innovations.

Due to the age of the existing System along with the cost of maintenance and the high efficiency of the new Booster Pump System implemented a total operational annual savings of $12,953.80 was attained.

The Incentive of $9,128.17 was also granted.

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