Boiler Plant Retrofit at 275 Bamburgh Circle, Toronto, Ontario

IMG_20151022_094447A conventional boiler plant in high-rise condominiums commonly consists of atmospheric boilers having an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of 62.2% and a Thermal Efficiency of 75%. These Standard Efficiency boilers can be replaced by High Efficiency boilers generating savings through reduced consumption and with the implementation of a building automated control system even greater savings can be achieved. Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Energy Efficiency Program encourages Enbridge customers to conserve energy by implementing energy efficient projects and retrofitting boiler plants to higher efficiency boilers qualifies under this program for available incentives.




IMG_20151022_094712It is essential to take into consideration an analysis of the existing boiler plant, piping arrangement, venting, code compliancy etc.  It is also important to look into the capacity and check to see if boiler plants requirement is per demand of the building.  Apart from savings through reduced utility bills and maintenance cost retrofitting boiler plants also provides greater occupancy comfort.

Trinity Energy Innovation has done numerous boiler plant retrofits. Recently a Boiler Retrofit job was awarded to us at 275 Bamburgh Circle, Toronto, Ontario.

A total of Eight boilers four heating, two perimeter and two domestic hot water, were replaced with six High Efficiency Boilers two heating, two perimeter and two domestic hot water. Job Schedule was put in action, with demolition and removal of existing boilers, piping and fitting arrangement, installation of new boiler packages and pumps, installation of domestic hot water mixing valves, installation of boiler venting, piping insulation, power wiring to equipment, control wiring and commissioning,  last but not least clean up and floor painting.

IMG_20151022_094521                                IMG_20151022_094413IMG_20151022_094607


These new RBI Futera Series High Efficiency Boilers with full modulation firing system continuously varies the energy input to precisely match heating load without over-firing and wasting fuel. This provides extremely high part-load efficiency and the built in boiler controls further enhances efficiency.

At Trinity Energy Innovation Inc. we take out-most consideration with boiler plant sizing, selection of manufacturer/model, associated pumps, piping system layout, venting and means of controls for the boiler plant. Our selection process consists specialized tools and we always focus to ensure best value at best cost.