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Ontario Power Authority saveOnenergy Incentives and

Ontario Power Authority saveOnenergy

SaveONenergy funded through Ontario Power Authority has several rebates and incentives available for condo property managements and commercial/industrial buildings interested in energy conservation.

For retrofitting old or inefficient equipment or audits identifying energy efficient upgrades you can receive up to 50% of the project costs. From stand alone controls, carbon monoxide CO monitoring, variable frequency drives, lighting, to installing a complete building automation system, all of these measures qualify for incentives.
Through our experience and expertise, we are able to give a budget cost to complete measures proposed, available incentives, return on investment time frame and total savings per year, which is always a considerate amount of savings and incentives.

We can assist you through your incentive application process, and increase efficiency on mechanical and electrical systems by applying the prescriptive, engineered or custom measures.

Don’t miss out on your savings and incentives.

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