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Completed Projects

Kelvingrove Heritage Complex, Toronto

8 buildings consisting of 3 central plants and 97 suites

Kelvingrove Heritage Complex, Toronto

Design of Mechanical Plants


Corridor Pressurization

Zone Controls






Mechanical Design of all 3 central plants and 97 suites along with mechanical specs and equipment selection

Our work consisted of:

  • Design of all 3 heating plants and piping layout with high efficiency boilers
  • Design of new heating pumping system with high efficiency pumps complete with VFD’s
  • Design, specifications and installation of Energy Management / Building Automation System
  • Design of new HVAC system complete with corridor pressurization, in suite zone control and building exhaust
  • Design of new plumbing and hot water storage system
  • Design of individual suite metering of electrical and gas consumption with data storage for 3rd party billing
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