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The Vineyards I, II & III 350 Red Maple Rd
Richmond Hill, ON

Actual Reported kW Peak Demand Reduction 175.1 kW
Total Reported Annual kWh Savings 367,616 kWh
Total Incentives Accrued From OPA saveONenergy $118,092.81
Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction 247 Metric Tons per Year
(equivalent to 41 homes electricity usage)

The project scope consisted of replacing the central chilled water plant for 2 buildings
as well as optimizing the operation of associated mechanical equipment for all fan coil
systems. Hydro savings have been seen from both the peak demand kW reduction as well as
the annual kWh decrease. Trinity Energy conducted the pre and post project measurement
and verification. All values were checked and approved by the Local Utility Distributor during
the Incentive application process.

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