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Completed Projects

Vista Condominiums, 275 Bamburgh Circle, Toronto

One 18 storey Residential condominium

Heating Plant Upgrade

Aircon Project - Vista Condominiums - 275 Bamburgh Circle

Vista Condominiums 275 Bamburgh Circle, Toronto

High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency Boilers

Mixing Valves

Mixing Valves

Pipe Design & Layout

Pipe Design & Layout

Our work consisted of:

  • Supply and install all required equipment, site safety supervision, engineering, temporary support to facilitate the performance etc.
  • Demolish existing heating and domestic hot water boilers. Removal of existing boilers feeding the domestic hot water system was performed one at a time to allow continued domestic hot water supply to the building.
  • Supply and install of new hydronic and domestic hot water boilers with modification to existing hydronic, domestic hot water, gas piping, fittings, valves to suit the new installation.
  • Provided new power wiring to new mechanical equipment and modified existing wiring to suit new installation.
  • Insulation of new piping and repair insulation of existing piping.
  • New concrete pads to suit new equipment, water proof epoxy floor painting

Complete boiler room re-design and retrofit from atmospheric to high efficiency boilers was completed with pipe layout change from Return/Reverse to Primary/Secondary.

A total of Eight boilers four heating, two perimeter and two domestic hot water, were replaced with six RBI Futera Series High Efficiency two heating, two perimeter and two domestic hot water boilers with new thermostatic tempering valves.

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