Installation of 89 Lennox Rooftop Units


Rooftop Units (RTUs) are most commonly used Hvac equipment in commercial buildings as it offers cooling/heating as a packaged unit which saves space, are quiet, energy/cost efficient and easily installed and maintained.

Considering how cold the winters and high summer temperatures are in Ontario, it is essential to maintain the comfort levels in occupied spaces and Rooftop Units (RTUs) are the best choice for commercial buildings with retail stores as zoning offers individual control of each unit.

Similarly Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) technology is another cost effective way to increase comfort. As indoor air gets stale and accumulates particles it needs to be replaced with fresh clean air from outside.

Energy Recovery Ventilator allows the introduction of new fresh air and reuses the heating or cooling energy in the exhaust air, making the fresh air warm or cool and reducing the extra work on the Rooftop Units (RTUs).

Well experienced services of Trinity Energy & Aircon Mechanical should be considered for your installation and servicing needs of Rooftop Units (RTUs) .

A Recent Rooftop Units (RTUs) project completed 
at Dundas Square 479 & 489 Dundas Street West, Oakville Ontario consisted of:

  • 89 Lennox’s LGH SERIES (3,4,5 & 6 ton) Rooftop Units

  • 19 Energy Recovery Ventilators &IMG-20160330-WA0010

  • 25 related Exhaust Fans

The project included:

  • Supply & Installation of related ductwork, grilles, diffusers, fire dampers, interlocks and controls.
  • Supply & Installation of insulated drops for rooftop units, cutting of roof decking & thermal insulation..
  • Supply & Installation of Lennox Rooftop Units, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s) and Exhaust Fans.


At Trinity Energy & Aircon Mechanical our certified technicians take outmost importance for installations to be proper and according to the code. Improper installation can lead to many issues as well as reduce efficiency of the units.

Call us for more information to request a quote or for any suggestion/advice in making your building  operation cost lower and more eco-friendly with Rooftop Units.